The First Sister Control of the Three Kingdoms

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10 March 2023
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Is still Zhang Fei’s peach garden here has become a place for people like Zhen Yao to talk about things Blowing the cold wind to dissipate the smell of alcohol on his body Zhen Yao opened his mouth and said “Yide you should pay attention to your safety when you go out of the city tonighe enemy or behead the generals when you leave the city tonight” If Guan Yu wants to take Gao Sheng’s head let him take it and you can come back safely You and I came to Transportation Zhuoxian but to protect uncle and Ying Mei from the war some small canal Shuai not worth mentioning! “Don’t worry what else can tens of thousands of bandits do to me” Zhang Fei said with a bold smile worshipping Lord Zhen Yao is his decision to think over and over again I think my decision is the most correct In the middle of the night Zhen Yao and the others gathered outside the south gate Zhang Fei and Guan Yu led their military forces on both sides The gate was slowly pushed open Gongsun Ji opened his moutd “Thank you Your Excellency” Zhen Yao and Liu Bei standing in ChengTou blowing cold wind out of the city soon Zhang Fei Guan Yu didn’t have a moment then received under the message brought by the sentry thief soldiers in five miles away to set up a new camp Although the two belong to different China Suppliers but the war is to cooperate between the two sides plus two martial arts means Zhang Guan two people are also willing to discuss the strategy of breaking the enemy Chapter 29 Great Victory It was Guan Yu who was the first to open his mouth His soldiers kept marching With his long beard Guan Yu stood quietly on horseback and asked “Yide not far ahead is the bandit camp How can you and I defeat the en
Putting away the contempt that had been mixed up before Guan Yu Construction & Real Estate nodded and said “This is a good plan!” For military commanders like Zhang Fei and Guan Yu there is not much different out with a spear in his hand and the sharp tip of the spear pierced the throat of the Yellow Turban thief soldier Perhaps this kind of death is the most comfortable they did not experience four thousand of panic and pain At the moment when Zhang Fei rushed into the thief village the sound of fighting came from all directions The Yellow Turban Camp which had been quiet suddenly became noisy and the unknown rogue soldiers scurried in panic almost leading to the bombing of the camp What’s going on What’s going on out there Gao Sheng woke up from his sleep frowned out of the tent and asked