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25 September 2023
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Strength Training factory Foldable Abdominal Trainer
The color design of this fitness machine is a classic black and red combination. machine With a strong structure of metal parts, high-quality cushion, and high elasticity of the rolling foam composition. There is also a pair of pull cords on the main body of the beauty waist machine, which provides arm muscle exercises to the trainer.
NameFoldable Abdominal Trainer
MaterialFoam+ABS Plastic Parts+Steel Pipe
Net weight8.7kgs
Packing1pcs/Carton Carton size: 96*34*21cm
G.W/N.W: 9.8/8.7kgs
Product PackingNeutral box/Custom package
Product Advantage
The abdominal machine can quickly improve the core strength, our abdominal machine is designed with four adjustable track slopes. indifferent training stages锛?The exercise load required by the waist and abdomen is different, exercise according to plan, Can exercise quickly get Women’s sexy waistline and men’s abdominal solid muscles.
Foldable Abdominal Trainer,Proper exercise can adjust the state of the human body, another use of the weight loss machine is to become a sit-up board, the perennial lack of exercise for office workers, you can do sit-ups to eliminate abdominal fat and relieve lower back pain. By adjusting the seat backrest, quickly adjust the abdominal exerciser’s main exercise areas.
Improve the efficiency of exercise through the meter record, through the exercise record to calculate the calories consumed by fitness, control the diet and exercise intensity. Reduce accidental injuries caused by excessive exercise.
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