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25 September 2023
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Radio Shuttle Rack made in China Characteristics of Pallet Shuttle Racking System
The radio shuttle racking is based on the drive in racking terms of modeling and working principle. When the racking is working, there is no need to leave a special operation channel for the forklift. The shuttle racking uses the radio shuttle car to get goods in and out of the racking. The radio shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system mainly composed of racks, radio shuttle cars and forklifts, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of the warehouse. At the same time, the semi-automatic operation can greatly improve the work efficiency.
Main Parts:
1.Upright frame
2.Adjustable base plate
3.Connect bar
4.Support beam
5.Frame support
6.Rail joint
7.Single front support
8.Double front support
9.Double bracket
11.Pallet guide plate
12.Forklift baffles
14.Horizontal connector
15.Radio Shuttle car
Racking Application Scope
The space utilization rate and operation efficiency of radio shuttle racking system are very high, but due to the need for shuttle cars, similar to semi automation, the input cost of rackings is relatively high. In order to facilitate the access of goods, the shuttle racking is mainly suitable for the storage of a small number of various products and the racking operation of cold storage.
Production Process:
Real Cases:
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