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10 March 2023
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“Is it very uncomfortable?” Ye Yinzhu’s cold voice came out in all directions, and his voice contained magic elements. Qi, magic frightens the soul, so that everyone’s attention is focused on him, his voice is far away. Heavy breathing paused, heard Ye Yinzhu’s question and no one spoke, but theot as strong as before. Ye Li looked at his grandson not far away, his face could not help showing a smile, timely roar out, “Bamboo disciples told me.” “No-yes-.” Almost with the strength of the whole body roared out, the momentum of the soldiers of the Aozhu Legion suddenly flourished, strong self-esteem has made their hearts fear and inadaptability to resolve most of them. Almost at the same time,x56 line pipe, the commanders of the other three legions, the three suzerains, asked the same question. When all the Qin City infantry soldiers issued a strong roar, the army of sixty thousand people suddenly changed, although it has not been restored to the beginning of the battlefield as sharp, but before the depression and hesitation has been swept away. There was a smile on Ye Yinzhu’s face, and his voice came from far away,x60 line pipe, “Good.”. I am very satisfied with your answers. The question I want to talk about is whether you want to come back alive or become minced meat like an orc on the battlefield. I can tell you that if you vomit again on the battlefieldegun today. Lion King Goody, Tiger King Joe Cole, and a group of orc generals gathered in the military hall of Thor’s Hammer Fortress, each of them breathing very unstable at this time. Although the Thor tribe and the God of War tribe are not so harmonious, at this moment, 316l stainless steel pipe ,x52 line pipe, the two tribes, which have also lost tens of thousands of soldiers, are not in the mood of schadenfreude. Otherwise, once the morale of the troops is shaken, it will not be the disaster of our Thor tribe, but the common disaster of our three tribes. Are you willing to submit to Amethyst Bimeng, the legendary king of the orcs, the head of the four mythical beasts? Joe Cole was silent, looking at Guti, his face uncertain. After a while, he raised his tiger palm to Guti. “Chief Guti, I hope that from today on,316ti stainless steel, our two tribes can reach a real cooperation.”. Regardless of each other. Facing the immediate crisis together. At this time, we must unite. I know that you are better than me in military ability. I have decided that from now on, all the fighting forces of the White Tiger Legion and my God of War tribe will be under your command until the end of this war. 。