Peacock forest

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10 March 2023
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After a second look, I found that it was Li Shanlan. “Why not knock on the ceiling?” I hurried out of bed. ‘What’s the matter?’ “I forgot to bring my key back and I was locked out.” Do I look like a locksmith to you? “Do you have a spare key?” “No.” I shook my head and said, “I gave y”You..” I think she’s a little unreasonable. “What do you want?” “Only if you swear.” She said. “Good.” I said, “I swear I’ll never open your door.” “What if I forget my keys again?” I swear,inflatable amusement park, I won’t open the door unless you tell me to. Is that all right? “You haven’t said what will happen if you break the oath.” I swear, I won’t open the door unless you tell me to. I was angry and said in a deep voice: If I break this oath, people will always say that I am a vain peacock and will not really love me. When I finished, she was silent. I don’t know why these words come out, and I think it’s too heavy to say so. So also followed the silence. I saw drops of water oozing from the end of her hair,inflatable floating water park, so I broke the silence and said, “Go in quickly before you catch cold.” With a hum, she went into the room and closed the door. “Hello.” I turned and took two steps and heard her open the door and say, “I’m sorry.” As soon as I turned around, the room was just closed. “I’ll nail a piece of wood to the door so that the phone card won’t open.” I said through the door. “Thank you.” She also said through the door. When climbing the stairs, I almost slipped on the wet steps. When I got back to my room, I began to wonder why I had just made that oath? Maybe I subconsciously care too much about other people’s prejudice against peacocks. But is it really prejudice? It finally cleared up the next day, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable indoor park, and I no longer have an excuse to be lazy. As soon as she stepped into the yard from the outside,” I say. “Mmm.” She said,Inflatable meltdown, “Oranges are good, but peaches are true love.”. Desperate for true love. It is his destiny. “Was your first boyfriend the one who chose the sheep?” “Mmm.” She nodded and said, “Yeah?” 。