My husband is a warlord.

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And the third uncle also followed, mainly because he was afraid that the third aunt was playing wild outside and would not go home. Some of Wu Anguo’s men went their separate ways, and some stayed behind. Of course, few stayed behind, because this was the time when Chianppearance. MacArthur was jealous of Xu Bao’s staff. It seemed that he was greeted everywhere. He was tall and dignified, and had no affinity at all. It seemed that the Japanese were disgusted with him. So I want to let this silly woman come out to pull hatred, the best and most direct way to pull hatred is to let her make a speech on such an occasion, which will surely attract many small Japanese who opp and stepped down confidently. Everyone at the scene did not expect that the speech would be so short, and they were still in the aftertaste, and when the aftertaste came back, the applause was thunderous. MacArthur looked surprised. How could this happen? Is it difficult to be fascinated? Xu has been playing dumb all the time. Her speech was so good. The first part raises the self-esteem of Japanese soldiers, the second part introduces the harm of war, and the third part uses family calls to influence them. Chapter 139: Ginza Cattle Raising When I arrived in Japan, I found that it was not as blooming as I had imagined. In fact, it was right. After so many years of war, the family property had been emptied, and ordinary people could not afford to eat. Of course, Inflatable bouncer , the life of the leader was still good. This situation wmile, and she was angry, it was obvious that he had no measure and had fallen into the lower level, so even if he was angry again, he would smile and invite Xu Bao to eat more. And told Xu Bao: “Fascinated Xu, if you want to eat Kobe beef, go directly to buy, now Japan certainly no one will refuse you.” Xu Baole nodded, okay, okay, she really likes Kobe beef. Looking at the silly fan Xu,inflatable bounce house with slide, MacArthur felt that the future was long and he was worrying too much. A day like hers would certainly cause a lot of contradictions in Japan. When the time came, he would come forward to uphold justice. Why should he be unhappy for a while? Moreover, the woman in front of him had a friendship with Truman and Patton. There was no need for him to offend him face to face.