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10 March 2023
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After a while probably listening to the old man’s words more and more rely on three not four Jing Wuyue that is the little beauty with low eyebrows and pleasing to the eye and the general manager of the palace Uncle Zhang helped him into the inner room without touching the ground ignoring the old man’s repeated “where is the little red coat” Why don’t you come to see me Originally when he called out “Little Red” I answered “Here” but it took me a long time to find that the old man didn’t listein piano chess calligraphy and painting and is known as the first talented woman in Jiangnan I nodded to Kang Laosi to continue then picked up the teacup and continued to drink I was busy dealing with the old man before and my mouth was dry and I needed to replenish water So as her fiance you can at least make sense “Poof!” I sprayed a mouthful of tea on Chemicals Kang Laosi’s face I hate this Xie family! Why do one or two people like to come out out of the blue to scare people It often makes me lose my image! So when I saw Kang Laosi being sprayed all over his face I didn’t feel guilty at all My only thought was that he couldn’t help putting on these powders and creams What’s a big man wearing these Speaking of Xuw under my eyes I can’t do anything about this fiancee who came out of thin air The fan scratched my head and I got up in silence Lao Jiu where are you going Kang Laosi immediately asked with “concern” Take a stroll Without looking back he smashed two words back lifted the corner of his robe and lifted his legs out of the flower hall Walking aimlessly everywhere China Manufacturers along the corridor and around the corner is the garden which is exquisitely built From a distance the flowers are like a sea of clouds colorful ortable when I saw her again
Although I have to admit that Jing Wuyue is beautiful well-mannered polite and well-educated she deserves to be the daughter of Wang Ye who has been wearing hairpins for generations King Zhennan originally had a son but the couple were both killed when they Minerals & Metallurgy went out leaving behind a pair of young children The late emperor who was still alive at that time was moved by compassion ayue is proficient in piano chess calligraphy and painting and is the first talented woman in the south of the Yangtze River Since she is a talented woman and a royal woman her vision must be extraordinary I rolled my eyes and immediately put on a very sincere and honest expression on my face and sighed earnestly Alas ~ “”