Flirting with God

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10 March 2023
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Chi found that a man spoke magnanimously and rationally, but what he did was not rational at all. When she pays attention to the puppet legion outside, she is harassed by a man from time to time, and the reason for his harassment is so justified that people can’t refute it. I thought abourriedly said, “No, aren’t you there?” “Me?” He laughed at himself, “I will die after my life. I don’t know where you will go in the future. What can I do?” If you know, why do you care so much about the future? Chi was angry in his heart, but he said sincerely, “No, you’re here, too.” “Really?” He looked at her impassively. Late hesitated, finally decided to confess,inflatable floating water park, said: “Yes, I will meet you in every world, even if you have no memory, but you are the same virtue and temper.” As soon as he finished, he saw the corners of his mouth turning up irrepressibly and his eyes shining. Chi suddenly reacted to come over, this man made a vexatious look, clearly is to cliche, let her can not stand their own confession. Late and a little weak. I will really meet you in every world? Are you sure it was me? He pressed. Late to see him a “if you dare to mistake people immediately kill you and the adulterer,Inflatable water park factory,” the ferocious look, in addition to nodding really do not know what to do. Seeing her nod, the man’s eyeFrom the ridge of the roof, the man clasped her waist to his side, looked at her with a particularly bright look, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable mechanical bull, and said, “Can you talk to me?” Late look at his eager look, thinking of so many worlds, he was unconscious, born in those worlds, grew up, died of old age, so unconscious to spend a lifetime, until after a few worlds, and she met again, repeating the same life, suddenly some of the heart is not taste. ……When the demon saw the man on the bed, his face showed a habitual look of disgust and he said,inflatable amusement park, “How did you make yourself like this?” The man says indifferently: “Is such very good?”? Anyway, I was originally a Demon, but now I’m just a demon. 。