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17 March 2023
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鈼?nbsp;Fast production. The max theoretical printing speed of ONE PASS high speed printer is 2.7m/second, this speed can compete with traditional printers.
鈼?nbsp;Without film-plate making. Traditional printer needs making plate, wasting time and cost. ONE PASS high speed printer does not require plate-making, uses advanced digital inkjet printing technology, it is easy to operate and use
鈼?/span> Environmental protection. Traditional printer needs to clean machine when change printing contents, resulting in a lot of sewage pollution. ONE PASS high speed printer uses four primary color inkjet printing technology without washing machine.
鈼?Saving manpower. Traditional printer has high requirements for workers’ printing technology needs many labors with tedious adjustment process, time-consuming and labor-consuming, and low production efficiency. The ONE PASS high-speed printing machine adopts computer drawing, computer -5.-otor-matching, computer saving, on-demand printing, saving time and labor, and high production efficiency.
Suction material platformConduction band type, Including lighting,Accurate and stableControl panel
The design is humanized and easy to operatePLC electric cabinet
Stable and reliable
Risk absorption control system independent control Automatic feeding system Automatic adjustment
Rip Software Rip Maintop
Picture Format TIFF,JPG,PDF,PNG
Print Head EPSON Industrial ALL-MEMS Print Head
No.s of Print Head 24
Ink type and color CMYK Water Based Ink
Max. Printing Width 800mm
Media Thickness 0.5~20mm
Printing resolution2.7m/s(200*600DPI)
Max. Printing Speed1.8m/s(300*600DPI)
Min. Feeding Width 350脳450mm without scoring
350脳660mm with scoring
Max. Feeding Width Standard 1800mm
Feeding Mode Auto feeding
Working Environment 18~30鈩?humidity:50%~ 70%
Electric voltage220V鍦?0%锛?0/60HZ
Total Power 15KW锛孉C380锛孷50~60HZ
Printer size4310脳5160脳1980mm
Printer weight 2500kgDigital Machine price