Customized Semiconductor

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13 March 2023
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Customized Semiconductor Field effect transistor (FET) is abbreviated as field effect transistor. There are mainly two types: Junction FET (JFET) and metal oxide semiconductor FET (MOS-FET). Most carriers participate in the conduction, also known as unipolar transistor. It belongs to a voltage controlled semiconductor device. It has the advantages of high input resistance (107 ~ 1015 惟), low noise, low power consumption, large dynamic range, easy integration, no secondary breakdown phenomenon, wide safe working area and so on. It has become a strong competitor for bipolar transistors and power transistors.
Zhuhe is a high-tech industrial group integrating R & D, production and sales. It is mainly committed to the R & D and manufacturing of various PCBAs (printed circuit board components, including flexible board FPC and soft and hard board components, which are the core components in electronic products). In recent years, through the integration and layout of the industrial chain, its products and technologies have been diversified, including semiconductor devices, pulse motors, high-frequency transformers Inductors, etc., mainly focus on high-speed data transmission and communication, automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial control products, energy-efficient power supply technology and other fields.
Q: How do I get to your factory?
A: Our factory is near Xiamen Gaoqi airport. We can meet you at the airport.
Q: How can I trust your company?
A: With 10 years of professional design experience, we can provide you with appropriate suggestions and the lowest price
Q: How many square meters does your factory have?
A: More than 30000 square meters.Customized Semiconductor