Adjustable Height Grow Tent

66 €
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17 March 2023
( 9 days ago )

Adjustable Height Grow Tent Introduction
The inner lining of 4X4X7.6 ft Adjustable Height Grow Tent is PE layer and 100% reflective polyester film wall, which can effectively block all light leaks and improve the output efficiency of the settings; The zipper part has also been upgraded with a black lining to prevent light from entering the tent; No additional flap or tape is required, just zip up to create a light proof sealing environment. Finally, our products are of good quality and low price, and have strong practical value. If you are interested in our products, we welcome your purchase or consultation.
The top suspension bar of 4X4X7.6 ft Adjustable Height Grow Tent can carry 100 pounds to meet your different equipment requirements. Secondly, we use high-quality 340g high-density fabric, waterproof and tear-resistant. It can effectively block light, our lining is made of polyethylene material and polyester film wall design, which can make your plants safer and grow faster. More importantly, we set up a visible window made of transparent plastic, so you can check the growth status of the plant at any time; The windows at the bottom help dissipate heat. Finally, the hook and loop clasp on our window covers allows you to open the interior for viewing.
Package Contents
1 x Grow tent
1 x Assembly instruction
4X4 ft Adjustable height grow tent
1-Year Warranty GuaranteedAdjustable Height Grow Tent